Looking this way,Tiger!



"This a game which classifies the animals accurately by flicking.
Classify the animal as many as you can within the limited time.

You can enjoy this apps as a brain training game because
you need to keep on making good judgment.

Childrens can enjoy this game too because of the cute animals.

Remember the first instruction for classifying the animals.
Classify the cute animals as many as possible within the limited time.

■Recommend for
・Who loves animals.
・Who likes casual games.
・Who likes to play brain training game for fun.
・Who's looking for an app which can play with their childrens.
・Who likes to practice flicking.

You can choose the mode from the following 4 modes;
10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and endless.

Enjoy the classification game for fun!

■How to play
①Start by pressing the button, Start.
②Select the mode.
③Confirm the way of classification.
④Classify the cute animals by flicking.


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