Lord of Mafia with Facebook




    In this browser game you will walk in the footsteps of a criminal. Only by force, prestige, rank and respect, can you survive in this world. Outsmart your fellow players and become the most powerful mobsters.

    In the beginning everything is getting used to. If you have any experience with similar games, you'll need a bit of getting used to. But by just trying out you will quickly learn. Steal cars, commit organized crimes, gamble in the casino. Once you've met some of these tasks, you will witness the real Crime Scene.

    In this game, a lot depends on your strength. Your rank is directly dependent on your strength. You attack and defense power. Your attack power is, as its name implies, important for attacking other players. The defense force plays a role in your defense.

    You will receive power through good weapons you can buy in the store. In addition, you can täglichin the gym or workout in the boxing arena.

    Boxing strength you need to defeat the enemy in combat. Boxing strength counts as much as the attack and defense strength to your strength.

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