Marbles aqua pearls pinball


Marbles aqua pearls pinball's review


Blow bubbles at the pearls to land them in the shells

  • Attractive underwater graphics
  • 35 levels
  • Doesn't work well on all devices
  • Controls need to be more precise

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"Blub blub"

Darling it's better, down where it's wetter. Cascavelo's Marbles Aqua Pearls Pinball is a simple game of reflexes that takes place under the sea.

The goal is to land each of the pearls squarely into the awaiting oyster shells. Blow bubbles from the pufferfish below to ease the pearls this way and that, assisting them in their upwards trajectory. There are 35 levels in all, plus eight achievements and a table that keeps track of your best scores. The graphics are colorful and keep with the aquatic theme.

The app doesn't work well on all devices; we got stuck on the menu screen on all three different devices that we used for testing. The controls also aren't as precise as they should be - many times we tried to blow bubbles straight and true, but it simply wasn't possible given the programming.

Cascavelo's Marbles Aqua Pearls Pinball is a very simple underwater game that could be interesting if it tightened up its controls and fixed its bugs.

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