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Mechadroids is a massively multiplayer menu-based strategy combat game.

  • Menu-based strategy game
  • Customize your character
  • Different ways to level up
  • Nothing special


New update provides:

Active Battles - Fight battles turn-by-turn and find your opponents’ weaknesses faster.

Bounties - Another player getting the better of you? Let someone else deal with them!

Taunts - Nothing is better than mocking your enemy when they are down.

Also, introducing two all-new Mechadroids. The Ninja and the Pirate are now available from the in-game store. Likewise, the game has been graphically enhanced which was one of the catches of the previous version.

Mechadroids is set in the year 2177, in a World dominated my Mechadroids, robots that have to struggle to survive. You embody a new inhabitant of this World, so you'll have to create your own Mechadroid after registering. You'll be able to set robot appearance at your whim.

Once done, the futuristic adventure begins: this is a menu-based games which means that you don't need to be 24/7 looking at your screen: do it when you feel like or when you have some free time. No pressure. Like other good massively multiplayer game, this is all about leveling up. You can level up by different ways: attacking other users, upgrading your skills on facilities you find around the city or even gambling.

Each facility will help you to improve a specific skills. All of them are important to become a strong Mechadroid, able to face any attack from others. Check out your skills and level bar to monitor your progress. Purchase weapons on the store or get them by winning battles against others.

Since this is a menu-based strategy game, there's no much to say about graphics. This game is entertaining and challenging. If you like this kind of menu-based strategy games, you should give a go to this one. Recommendable.

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