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Play this game to learn the fastest, smartest and most innovative input system for your Android.

If you are up for a rewarding challenge, of discovering and using the input technology of the future, then you've stumbled upon the right game! (If you think the QWERTY keyboard is the best invention of the man kind, you are not!)

As you play this game you learn how to become proficient in using the revolutionary MessagEase keyboard, surpassing your QWERTY texting speed in a very short time. The time you spend with this game will ultimately save you hours and hours.

To play this game, you need to install MessagEase keyboard (free on Google Play) and switch your input method to it. (You can switch input methods by long-pressing on any text field, or by going to your device Settings > Languages & Keyboards.)

Have any suggestion or comment? Please email us: We have no way or responding to your comments posted on Google Play.

Would it make it more interesting if we tell you that MessagEase, the keyboard central to this game, is the world’s fastest touch screen keyboard? It really is. Our current champ's top speed is 84 WPM. That's 84 WORDS PER MINUTES. Most people can't type that fast with ten fingers! Many of our users are posting their typing speeds to our leaderboard everyday; they routinely text at 60-70 WPM.

This is because MessagEase is designed and optimized for speed and accuracy.

Like any novel and innovative technology, MessagEase may look strange at first. But hey, isn't QWERTY arranged in a very strange way?? Think about it. If you spend a few minutes staring at MessagEase's keyboard and learn how intuitively it works and how scientifically it is designed, you will no longer see it as strange. Many of our users tell us that they will NEVER go back to QWERTY! NEVER!

This game teaches you the MessagEase keyboard through four entertaining, and often addictive games (so you are warned!) They take you through baby steps, or giant strides if you are so inclined.

Each game has five levels. You start at level 1 and play up to the fifth level. Your progress through these levels, parallels your gain of speed and accuracy.

Did I tell you that MessagEase doesn't guess what you type? You type exactly what you mean and what you wish. Made up words, jumbles, poems, mixed metaphors! Whatever! It doesn't judge you, it does not change your words, it's quite accepting of whatever you want to input. And yes, even the naughty words!

You may be a wizard and agile in hand-eye coordination, blazing through these levels in a matter of minutes. Or you may take your time and let each level soak in before you move on to the next level. Either way, you will be entertained and you will be learning a new, valuable skill while playing this game.

The first game is the Balloons Game. Colorful balloons fall from the sky and your tap and enter the letter on them. As you go up the levels, you'll drag or slide for some other letters. When you reach level 5 your can post your qualified score you to our leaderboard for the world to see!

The second game is the Words Game. This time words tied to parachutes come down from the sky. Your task? You guessed it: type the words before they hit the ground and explode! You start at level 1 with easy words, and go up to level 5 with more common words and punctuations.

Did I say it's actually fun to play this game?

Game three becomes more competitive! You have 60 seconds to type in as many words shown to you as you can. There is a timer and the words go from easy ones on level one, full sentences on level five.

The last game is in the realm of champions. Here you practice with phrases and sentences, sometimes your own, to prepare for level five, which is the Guinness World Record Championship Challenge.

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Recently changed in this version

7.6 fixed a bug in invoking world Record
By popular demand:

1. We added an entertaining word game. Now this game pack has four fun and entertaining game.

2. Fixed a bug in the score statistics and update

3. Added a switch to turn the vibration off (press menu on the main screen)

Comments and ratings for MessagEase Game
  • (69 stars)

    by Ahmad Morad on 01/06/2014

    I would give it five stars if there were arabic letters : (

  • (69 stars)

    by Edward Joseph M. on 25/05/2014

    As a tool to learn about the keyboard it is a good idea. Unrefined execution but it helped me get to 40 wpm on the MessagEase keyboard.

  • (69 stars)

    by Jake Mann on 18/05/2014

    If you download messagease then this is a great way to learn and to improve your speed too! :)

  • (69 stars)

    by Danielle B on 03/04/2014

    Great for helping you learn this awesome keyboard

  • (69 stars)

    by Lena K on 03/04/2014

    These drills are very much like any learn to type program. "Play" them and you learn the layout. It's fun and challenging enough keep playing.

  • (69 stars)

    by Herbert Churley on 09/01/2014

    But it's certainly above average compared to other typing tests lol. The balloon game is somewhat tedious and unforgiving. It will be also nice to provide support for other keyboards so that we can compare and prove that messagease is better.

  • (69 stars)

    by Karen Eve on 19/11/2013

    Pure genius. Also Thanks for the game, it is really helpful and fun.

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