Middle Manager of Justice


Middle Manager of Justice's review

by Peter Warrior

A (super)original management game

  • Original and fun
  • Smart gaming
  • It could have even more features and options
  • No villain version?

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"I will right wrong and triumph over evil..."

MMJ, as its own name implies, is a management game, as you have to successfully manage resources in order to prosper and unlock better options. In this case, it's all about creating a superhero base much like 4F skyscraper (sorry, no volcano island bunkers available), recruit and train your own superhero team and utterly save the city, the world, the galaxy, everything, from the evil forces of evilness (street thugs first, giant armored alien robots later)

It's a fun game, lovable even by those who haven't ever played a management game before. In addition, management players will enjoy the non-management features such as combats; and everything is peppered by a witty humor that makes of it a smart game. As it couldn't be otherwise, we'd have loved to have a million more superheroes to choose among, or more customization options to create our own, but that's something you won't miss till you get very advanced in the game.

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Aug 19, 2013

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