Minebuilder's review


Craft tools and build the constructions of your dreams in this Minecraft-like open world

  • Huge open world
  • Creative and Survival mode
  • Single and Multiplayer
  • Tons to explore
  • Nothing new to the genre
  • Occasional unfortunate spawning locations

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"It's a block world after all"


Minebuilder is yet another Minecraft-like game with a huge open world made out of blocks that can be de- and re-constructed. Collect materials of all sorts, combine them into new tools and substances, and use them to construct structures only limited by your imagination. Both single and multiplayer here, plus AI monsters that haunt your nights. Play freely in Creative mode or swap to Survival mode for a super challenge.


It's a Minecraft clone, which means that you can let your imagination run wild in an enormous and dynamic world made of blocks. Multiplayer mode is pretty cool; share your constructions with your friends and with the player community at large. Controls are intuitive and unobstructive.


Being randomly placed anywhere in the world upon respawning can sometimes lead to unfortunate circumstances, like being "born" underground and continually receiving damage until you die (yeah, that was a good first impression...). There's also not much new that Minebuilder adds to the Minecraft-clone genre.

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