You are a minefield and your goal is to find and report as quickly as possible, all the mines present (shown as a number in the lower right corner) without making them explode. The playing court is a rectangle made ​​up of many cells. Each cell is cleared, or discovered, by clicking on it. If a cell contains a mine, when it is clicked will end the game immediately. If the cell does not contain a mine, two events can happen. If a number appears it indicates the number of adjacent cells that contain mines. If there is no number is cleaned automatically all the cells adjacent to the empty until it will contain a number. You win the game when all the cells that do not contain mines will be discovered, or when all the mines will be reported. To indicate the presence of a mine you must first enable the red flag on the right (activate the background is green, clicking again the flag is off) and then click on the cell where you think there is a mine. To deactivate just double-click it (always having the flag to enabled).

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