Full-voice visual novel for Android!
, only Japanese version is available now.

One girl after another comes to you, the high school doctor, with their problems.

These chance encounters will end up changing your fate.

The second part of this love adventure features full voice acting from top talents!

Your three targets are Chizuru, Miyu, and Kobato!

* Seven top voice actresses from popular anime titles!
* In-game avatar items let you customize your character!


- Chizuru (voice by Shizuka Ito)
- Miyu (voice by Ai Shimizu)
- Kobato (voice by Ryoko Shintani)
- Ren (voice by Ayako Kawasumi)
- Rina (voice by Chiwa Saito)
- Honoka (voice by Kikuko Inoue)
- Yuna (voice by Saki Fujita)


Welcome to Izu Island High, a typical school in a seaside town.

You spend the days here as a doctor who finds himself surrounded by the colorful and zany girls of Class 2C:

Chizuru--the class president who's a little too playful with the other girls,
Kobato--the rich girl who always seems to be above the fray,
Miyu--the little sweetheart who's as timid as a mouse,
Rina--the rude loudmouth with a soft side,
Honoka--the homeroom teacher who rules the class with an iron smile, and of course,
Ren--the It Girl.

No heroine is mentally... or physically alike, and each has a secret that nobody knows.

Get friendly while on the job and follow your heart's desire. Capture the heart of your favorite heroine!

REQUIRES: Android 2.2 and up
RECOMMEND: Android 2.3 and up

Display may suffer on some devices.

This application consumes a big chunk of memory. If you are forced to close this game during play, then please close any other apps that are running before launching this game again.

- First release

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