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Mushroom Garden Deluxe's review


Mushroom Garden Deluxe brings entertaining and addictive gameplay

  • Very addicting
  • Beautiful cartoony visuals
  • May force you to re-downloaded game data

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"A delightful farming game"


In Mushroom Garden Deluxe, the 3rd entry in the popular Mushroom Garden series, a Japanese mushroom-growing-and-harvesting simulator, it’s up to you to find and cultivate the best, the rarest, and the most delicious mushrooms in different logs you’re given. The more funghi you unlock, the more medals you receive. However, here’s the catch, which has remained true in the previous entries in Mushroom Garden. If you ignore your mushroom farm, mold will grow and threaten to take down what you’ve spent time carefully cultivating.


Mushroom Garden Deluxe adds interesting, seasonal events that will keep you playing. Gameplay is also quite addicting. The game’s cartoony graphics look absolutely stunning. The game’s soundtrack is memorable, and will stick with you even after you’ve finished playing.


As stated by the developer, if you use an app that cleans out your cache every once in a while, it may delete important data required for Mushroom Garden Deluxe to function, forcing you to download the data to your device once again.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Nov 13, 2015

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