My Baby (Virtual Pet)


My Baby (Virtual Pet)'s review


Take care of a virtual newborn baby

  • Many ways to interact with the baby
  • No stinky bits
  • Honestly, it's pretty creepy
  • Ads are annoying

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"Goo goo, and, furthermore, gaa gaa"


Just get a cat or something, okay? No? Fine. My Baby (Virtual Pet) is for those who have an undeniable mothering instinct, yet lack the fortitude of character to consider having a child in their life beyond the realm of a pixelated pet. That's right, a pet baby! At least no stinky diapers, right? Wha-hey! It's dumb entertainment, on the level of a pet rock but with more pop-up ads. Simple mini-games may keep you distracted from the void your life has become for a minute or two.


It's popular. Not sure how that's a pro, but hey, there are people out there who just love David Guetta.


The baby's friggin' terrifying. Look into its damn eyes to fall directly into the realm of Uncanny Valley.

Original review from Jan 24, 2014:

Children are awfully messy, taking over your life with their bawling and their diapers. Fentazy's My Baby Virtual Pet allows you to have all the giggly adorable parts of a baby without any of the stinky bits.

Give your kiddo a name and sit it down in front of you. Interact with it just however you please. Poking at it will elicit a childish chuckle, or use the buttons to give it milk, bathe it, give it a rattle, or put it to sleep. You can even record your voice to interact personally with the little critter. Playing simple mini-games will ensure you never run out of supplies.

To me, a semi-realistic digi-baby falls deep into the Uncanny Valley. I find myself unmollified by its glee. However: many, many downloaders seem to disagree with me, so YMMV. The pop up ads are also incredibly insistent, but I suppose that's a tradeoff to the never-ending demands of an actual child.

Tamagotchi-fy your ticking biological clock with Fentazy's My Baby Virtual Pet.

Original score: 6.4/10

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