My Precious



The new twist in jewel games. Collect as many precious jewels as you can while digging deeper and deeper into the mine. My Precious comes with more freedom to move and arrange jewels, a genuine physics engine and stunning 3D graphics.

While you are digging for jewels, columns of the precious stones move up on your screen. Move them left and right or exchange them horizontally to line up 3 of the same kind in a column or row. Line up more stones or collect several in a short period of time to increase your bonus. Get 30+ points to create a super jewel, along with a block of dirt. Use the super jewels to carefully remove every block of dirt, or they will limit your moves.

- 3D graphics
- Sophisticated physics
- Gravity input
- Global leaderboard on OpenFeint

Highly recommended for fans of Tetris Attack.

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