Name: Angry Fighter

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    Name: Angery Fighter

    Keywords: aircraft military anger shoot leisure beauty, shooting, air combat, elite, fighter, eagle, war, shell

    Detailed description: love the military, love fighters! View Eagle Mito, know all over the world fighter, longitudinal version to shoot game, use the touch control aircraft movement, automatic fire! Automatically adapt to the various models. The game gorgeous pictures and first-class operation experience. Can bring the game player infinite visual feast. Levels are linked together, each close there are different kinds of music. To the game player better audio-visual enjoyment . It can allow you to experience the most intense realistic flight combat game, pageant, shooting, air combat, elite, fighter, eagle, war, casings. From the new color promotional video can be seen, the game screen is very beautiful amount, while the content of the game is also very rich gorgeous racing game, you need in the process of moving to avoid enemy bullets, can improve the speed at the same time get more life, the game screen, gorgeous music movement, rhythm and exciting,
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