Name That Military Hardware



Test and improve your knowledge of military hardware with this fun and addictive trivia quiz game. Includes weapons of all kinds related to 19th to 21st century warfare with a focus on post WW1 equipment. Features about 1100 images.

Categories include:
APC (armoured personnel carrier)
anti armour
fixed wing aircraft
gun (small arms)
Korean war
Vietnam War
world war 1 (WWI)
world war 2 (WWII)

Game lengths of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50
Difficulty levels
Online score board
Searchable gallery
User-to-user challenges
Review previous games to learn from your mistakes
Informational links for most items
Save high resolution images to your photo gallery
Share images via email or text

Warships range from the great ships of the line that dominated the age of sail to the newest nuclear powered aircraft carriers.
Other ships include:
- The great capital ships (battleships, dreadnaughts, and battle-cruisers) of the world wars
- Attack submarines and Ballistic Missile Submarines
- Escorts such as destroyers, cruisers, and frigates
- Boats such as landing craft and torpedo boats

Aircraft include:
biplanes and triplanes of WWI
attack and utility helicopters
air superiority fighters
strike fighter-bombers
strategic bombers

Ground vehicles include:
main battle tanks
infantry support tanks
armored personnel carriers
scouts and reconnaissance
half tracks

Firearms include:
assault rifles
sub-machine guns
heavy machine guns
bolt action rifles

Each piece of hardware has an interesting history if you care to read about it.
IJN Hiryū – One of the 6 Japanese carriers that took place in the Pearl Harbor Attack in December, 1941. She was the last Japanese carrier to be sunk during the Battle of Midway in June, 1942 after she was hit with 4 1,000 pound bombs during an attack from dive bombers operating from USS Enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why don't all photos come with the game when I first download it?
There are 3 reasons for this:
- The game would be so big that many people would not download it.
- Devices with larger screens (tablets) should get higher quality pictures and devices with smaller screens (phones) should get smaller pictures. Tablet-sized photos on a phone would just waste space and phone-sized images on a tablet would look fuzzy.
- Images for categories that you are not interested in are not downloaded.

Why is nothing displayed for my rank on the main menu?
You must enable the leader board.

In the gallery, why do some images not show up? The name is there, but the photo is blank.
This happens because there is not an image for that particular item saved to your device. The app will try to download images so that this does not happen, but will fail under any of theses circumstances:
- You have no data connection or a very slow data connection.
- You have disabled image downloads in the settings.
- You are roaming.
- Your device is critically low on storage space.
- All 3 of our image servers are down at the same time.

How are the scores calculated?
Several factors influence your score:
- Percent correct.
- The average time that it took you to answer the questions.
- Length of the game.
- How restrictive your categories are. So, if your categories limit the possible quiz items to a small percentage of the total possible quiz items, you will get a lower score assuming that everything else is equal.

How does the difficulty work?
- On a lower difficulty, you will usually be asked to identify common items.
- On a higher difficulty, you will usually be asked to identify rare items.
- As the difficulty increases, the 3 wrong choices will be more similar to the correct item.


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