Nut Hunt





    Only you can make sure the Pigeon has enough to eat! The Squirrel will throw rocks and try to steal the nuts away, but you have to dodge the rocks and also pick golden nuts along the way to earn bonus points. You only get three lives per level and each saved life gives you extra points in the level! The challenge becomes tougher as you progress through the levels as you encounter additional hurdles and battle your way through increasingly difficult game play.

    Game Play:

    - Use the control to move your Pigeon. Reposition the control as per your ease to either the left or right of the screen.
    - Grab the golden nuts for bonus points.
    - Dodge the stones thrown by the Squirrel to save the Pigeon's life. You lose one life if a stone hits the Pigeon.
    - You get 3 lives to complete each level. An additional 1000 points are awarded in the level for each life saved.
    - Different levels have different hurdles.
    - 7 exciting levels. More coming soon!

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