Octo Explorer



Explore the deepest part of the ocean; then soar up high into the sky; and finally go into space – with Octo, in 3 challenging levels:

Level 1: Deep within the ocean
Level 2: High up in the sky
Level 3: Straight into the boundless space

Game Instructions:
1. Tilt your Android device from side to side to navigate.

2. Collect these items to gain points:
• Stars
• Gem stones

3. Avoid running into these obstacles:
Deep within the ocean
• Sea creatures
• Submarines
• Broken bottles
• Plastic Bags

High up in the sky
• Airplanes
• Dragons
• Birds
• Falling rocks
• Bats
• And any other flying objects

Straight into the boundless space
• Aliens
• Space ships
• Comets
• Other space objects

Upon completing your adventure, share and compare scores with your friends through Twitter or Facebook. And if they have not started this adventure, get them to join in the fun too.

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