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Throw bizarre objects at the guy and watch his ridiculous reactions

  • Cool graphics
  • Acceptable screentouch response
  • Pointless
  • Coin purchase required for many items
  • Cluttered with ads

"Abuse the jerk from your office without getting fired"

You know that one guy in the office? Yeah, that guy - the one who makes you want to throw his clever coffee mug right into his smug little face. Instead of repressing your anger due to fear of losing your job/being carted off to prison, why not take it out in the most passive-aggressive way possible? The Office Jerk app lets you irritate, malign, and generally abuse that guy with flying objects to your heart's content.

Select your weapon from an array ranging from pie to pencils. There's an airstream from a fan obstructing your flight path, but it's not too tricky to successfully connect the Jerk's computer screen, rolling chair, or dumb face with your object of destruction. The guy's reaction depends both on what you throw and what it hits - for example, tossing the stuffed-Boss doll next to the coffee mug will have the Jerk grin and salute, accomplishing the "Coffee Break" mission.

The app's completely pointless, of course - there's no real draw to complete the missions, and many of the more interesting items (fire extinguisher! leprechaun hat!) cost coins that can only be achieved either through purchase or by engaging with the ads. The animations of the Jerk when he's annoyed are genuinely silly, though, and can provide a few cheap laughs to disgruntled office workers everywhere.

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