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You would be able to feel the history of First World War by using the finest pistols of that time. Just give it a shot! Downloading this app you can do it with the first world war weapons! You can choose from 8 different pistols such like:

1) FN Browning M 1910
2) Nambu Type A 1902
3) Luger P08
4) Mauser C96
5) Nambu Type 26
6) Nambu Type 94
7) Steyr M 1912
8) Webley Mk VI

Each of them has a real quantity of bullets and if won't be enough... just reload your weapon! You will be amazed how natural will the weapon sound! Just hold you phone as a pistol, find your target and have fun! And the most important thing is... you can download this amazing app for FREE!!

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