Origami Rose: virtual flower



A resource management game like no other!

** Grow at WARP SPEED
** Flowers reach BEYOND the SKIES! Nobody has ever discovered the limit
** Get ahead through mini games like Hot potato, and the Compost heap
** Gamble some seeds and stars on instant win tickets
** Win PGM betting on sports and user submitted props in the (PGM Bookie)
** MODERATED family friendly chat room. We've got the friendliest gardeners from all over the world. Meet new people! (not a dating chat, we keep things friendly and non stalker-ish)

-> if you updated to v4.33 and had trouble with the way chat looks, v4.35+ may help.
-> v4.58 fixed bug in sponsorpay that was giving some players trouble getting rewards from completed offers
-> v4.57 Updated to the newest versions of Aarki, Pollfish, Metaps, and Sponsorpay. (Metaps still doesn't open for some people). Removed flurry.
-> v4.37 added rewards for completing PollFish surveys. *100* for each one!
-> v4.41 has a shorter, easier to follow tutorial
-> v4.42 removes the (Water Overdose) ads
-> v4.43 now with Flurry rewarded videos and apps
-> v4.45 tutorial bubbles now won't take over your phone
-> v4.46 now with Aarki. Exchanger pops up on exit, but can be disabled using stars in the items screen.

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