Pet Care 2



Are you responsible enough for your own pet?
Prove it with Pet Care 2! Make sure your pets needs are fulfilled.
You'll have to clean, feed and love your pet through exciting minigames.
Keep your stats up or your cat or dog will run away!

- Up to 15 exciting minigames!
- 3 unique locations for your pet!
- The choice between a dog or cat!
- Pick the color of your pet!
- A large store with food, toys and houses for your pet!
- Hats for your pet!
- 2 hidden minigames, can you find them?

In this game you can choose between a pet cat or a pet dog in your own unique color.
You can take care of your pet by playing minigames, which earns you coins or give love, food and hygiene to your pet.
You can buy up to 10 more minigames in the store! The store also provides houses for your pet to sleep in.
Buy food and toys if you can not take care of your pet for a longer time!

For this project multiple open source projects were used. Credits go to the original authors.
The source and license can be obtained through the following links.
- by yukuku
- by _beauw_
- by josh
- by The Manoj Kumar
- by mailboy1 & hanzen
- by dozingcat
- by Patrick Kalkman
- by alfred1765 & james.choiboi

This game is based on the tamagotchi's from decades ago, but is not related to tamagotchi and will not be related to tamagotchi.
The main purpose of this game is to take care of your pet.
This game is the second game in the line of the Pet Care franchise.

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