Pets - My Dog or Cat



To have a pet is easier than you think! The game provides an opportunity to acquire Pets being who will always love you and wait until you pull the phone out of his pocket, pet him, feed and buy new toys!
Before the beginning of the game we propose to choose the sex pet.
 The essence of the game caring for a cat or a dog, for every action you gain experience points and hearts:
-Skills training.
 For each level is awarded coins and points of beauty.
 They affect the glamor pet than you have it more the more successful you are moving up in the exhibition.
 Other ways to earn points:
-Train a cat
-Always wear better clothes
-Collect the gems on display, you can also buy them at the store.
 Hearts need for training and participation.
 Taking part in the exhibition can win: rocks, clothing and coins.
 You better be getting stones beauty.
 Must be worn on the pet thing, they give bonuses beauty.
 At level 8 open walk. For them, pet gains experience and sometimes hearts.
 Foster a pet of your dreams!

Tags: скачать бесплатно тамагочи на компьютер

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