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Phootie shoots photos all the time, but he doesn't remember where... True story!
Help Phootie find places that he has visited on the map of the world.

Phooter game draws 5 random, publicly posted Flickr pictures from various worldwide locations and challenges you to place them on a map. That's all, and it's awesome! :)

"Phooter 2 is challenging, fun, educational and even mildly addictive."

"Its nice. Nice concept(...)"

"I think if you can get into it, it’s definitely something you’ll play over and over again.
So it’s never going to be Angry Birds, but it’s engaging in its own way."

- Discover the most entertaining way of browsing flickr users photos,
- learn culture, architecture, people behaviors from all around the world,
- compete, challenge your friends, be the best!

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