Picky Penguins

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    Picky Penguins are a bunch of the pickiest penguins ever! They never seem to be happy... You need to simply grab the eggs, eskimos and fish from underneath the Penguins wings when they move away! Earn as many points as you can.

    Picky Penguins is a very cute and simple game for kids. At the start of the game you are given 5 lives. Each successful grab gives points: 10 points for eggs, 100 for fish and 200 for eskimos. So grab each out of the air as fast as you can! Watch out for the Polar Bears though, that will take away a life. Race to grab as many eggs as you can from under their feet before you lose all your lives.

    The game includes 2 difficulty settings, Easy and Hard. Each difficulty adjusts the speed and the makes the grabs a bit tougher. Great for children and older kids as well.

    The game is complete with cute graphics and a fun soundtrack.

    Picky Penguins is fun for all! Good for short or long trips. Join the club and download today!