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Picture Guess : Harry Potter Edition is a very simple game to play and enjoy. The goal is to observe the Harry Potter movie still picture shown and choose correctly which movie the scene is from. You are timed against the clock and the faster you answer correctly the more points you receive!

There are 4 difficulty levels for the 'REGULAR' game mode and each has 10 random scenes to guess, try to answer them all correctly and get high rankings on the leaderboards!

The special 'ENDURANCE' level has no limit on the number of questions, but the questions get more difficult the more you answer correct, if you answer ANY wrong, or the timer runs out, it's game over!

Some game modes will overlay the movie scene picture with a Hogwarts house badge, the harder the difficulty level the more obtrusive they become! Don't worry though, you can get rid of these by simply tapping them but will lose some time if you do!

App2SD is supported :)

Scores are managed by the Scoreloop framework and all movie still pictures are copyright of their original authors.

Please Email us if you experience any issues or have suggestions on how to improve the game.

There are no ads in this app!!

This game is great fun for everyone so enjoy!!!

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*The Harry Potter franchise and all movies and characters mentioned above are a registered trademark of Warner Bros. By purchasing this application you agree that you are not in fact purchasing said names, images or sounds owned by Warner Bros. but you are supporting the development of this application*

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