Ping Ping Ball



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This game is simple to play. It has been designed with creativity and it gives you lots of excitement, especially suitable for people of all ages. The game gives you satisfaction both in the sense of seeing and touching.
‘Easy to handle’ is the feature of this fascinating game. Just hold the device firmly and move your hands properly in order to balance the ball, enabling it to hit or escape from the object. Then, you will win.
If you are interested in this amazing game, just download it at once. And the game will bring you fun.

No need to touch the screen.
Move the device enabling the ball to hit the object out of the screen.

Apply balanced forces gently.

Setting --> Display Setting --> Screen Delay --> Change to 30-60 mints
(To prevent the screen dark)

Creator: Sam Yuen
Developer: Ray Wong
Designer: Ange Tam

Tags: ping ping pang pang game