Pirate Vs Ninja Lite



Easy to play, hard to win. Hurl weapons across the screen and collect gold and treasures while trying to kill your opponent. Pirate flags block the path, hit them twice to clear the way and use them to rack up the score multiplier.

Think this game sounds easy? Sign up for OpenFeint (totally free) to start unlocking achievements. Think you can kill all the birds? Find all the treasure? Slay your opponent without dying? Steal all the pirate flags? You've got a limited number of shots and a lot of items to collect and we doubt you can pull it off.

Stop waiting, start fighting.

Forget the angry birds rip offs and leave the fruit slicing to the chefs. Pirate vs Ninja isn't for wimps.

Pirate vs Ninja Lite is limited to 25 levels. For 200 levels of butt-kicking awesomeness, buy the full version, only $1.99 (CDN) - available now in the Android Market. No ads and 1000 Feint points up for grabs. Buy it now and prove you've got skills.

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