Pizza Maker - Cooking game


Pizza Maker - Cooking game's review


A pizza cooking game for kids

  • Lots of toppings
  • Quick load up times
  • Design different foods
  • Large file size
  • Needs more variety
  • Weird animations

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"Digital Pizza To Rival The Best"


Are your kids looking to get into the kitchen and make some delicious food? Well, now they can from their mobile device. With Pizza Maker - Cooking game, you put the chef's apron on and cook up some digitally delicious creations.


There are a lot of toppings to choose from, which increases player engagement. It's great for foodies and kids alike. The load up times were quick and it was easy to get around the menu. You can also design other foods than just pizza.


For a game of this type and simplicity, the file size is pretty large. It could also use a little more variety, since it gets boring rather quickly. The pizza eating animation looks a little odd.

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by William

Dec 10, 2015

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