PM-Drunk 3D





    The amazing 3D board game for adults!!(ocalimotxo, ocalimocho)

    PM - DRUNK different boards 9 comprises combining:
    3 scenarios:
    * Desert: the game takes place in a desert landscape with pyramids, cactus, camels ...)
    * City: Here we are in a city, with bus stops, bins, buildings, lampposts ...)
    * Snow: we are in a completely snowed mountain village, we find igloos, trees, mountains, snowmen ..)

    with 3 levels each:
    * Drunk:
    * Testing of drinking ("double drink", "If you say 'no', drink" ...)
    * Tests funny or horny ("Do a handstand while drinking, or drink double", "Sing a song or drink" ...)
    * Drunk & Sensual:
    * Testing of drinking ("Do 10 pushups or drink", "drink jumping" ...)
    * Tests sensual ("Kiss the goose more drunk, or double drink", "Touch ass the last goose or triple drink" ...)
    * Drunk & Sexual
    * Testing of drinking ("drink lying, or double drink", "drink the last drink", "drunk by having hair" ...)
    * Testing sex ( "You showe the first goose, or double drink", "May you all whipped or double drink" ...)


    * Welcome screen.
    * Players and colors selection: Here you can choose from 1-6 players and set the colors of each.
    * Stage selection (desert, town or snow) and level (drunk, drunk & sensual or sexual & drunk).
    * Start enjoying.
    * At the end of the game, you receive a medal. Win the goose that comes before the finish, but there are also medals for goose more drunk, the sexiest and funniest.

    With this application you will spend unforgettable moments with friends and / or family.

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