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IMPORTANT: Everything in PGM is customizable. Classes, feats, stats, EVEN the text size, etc.
IF Stat modifiers don't match your campaign, then CHANGE IT *before* leaving comments, saying "it doesn't work"!!

We can't fix problems from error reports alone. We can't fix problems from comments like "I want it to work . It seems like a good app".
BUT we CAN fix most problems that are emailed to us.

**This is a DEMO and not meant to be full featured. The main purpose is to make sure PGM runs on your device. Screen shots are of the full version. Please try this out before buying.
This DEMO allows 1 character Sheet and 1 adventure section.**

**Check out FAQs on our website for common problems and fixes**

Pocket Game Master (PGM) is a full featured android app tailored to Game Masters and players of almost any role-playing game. This DEMO will give you a good feel for the features. Please keep in mind that PGM was made to fit most role-playing systems. It is very powerful. However, it's up to you to change settings to match your campaign.

While fully functional for players, Pocket Game Master really shines in the hands of the Game Master. PGM allows the game master to not only create a complete adventure right from their device, but to run that adventure from the device as well!
Of course, players can use this for their character sheets, map dungeons, jot down dungeon notes, and use the dice.

Best of all you can network between devices and interact in real time through Wifi or Bluetooth!!

Features ONLY in full version include:
*Skill points
*Gender, Race and Alignment
*4 damage fields per character (2 in DEMO)
*Temporary Attribute bonuses (ie. if you take a potion of strength, you can add 2 to your strength and easily take it off later)
*Save campaigns and reload last campaign file.

Finally, be considerate with your ratings as this DEMO is only here to help users.

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