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Warning, this game is provided specifically for children. Its colorful graphics and low difficulty is for a young audience (under 10) or a public that wants a simple gameplay, easy to understand. Ideal for the train and wait for transport.

This is a bowling game designed for younger children. When a level is successful, your child wins a picture of a pony. It can free up to 20 pictures through the 20 levels of play and build up a collection. The difficulty is measured for the youngest!

Game Type: casual game - skill game

Each level consists of 4 rounds. We must bring down a number of pins to go to the next level and earn a nice picture of a pony. Using the click screen in 20 levels suitable for children.


- Bowling fun and easy on the theme of ponies
- Three levels of difficulty
- Intuitive control interface and simple
- Automatic backup of progression.
- Growth awarded 20 photos of ponies available in the collection
- 20 levels to accomplish
- A simple game for younger where he can play without your help
- Gameplay and graphics suitable for children

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