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Here's a fun way to get rid of negative thoughts and power up with positive ones. Imagine getting unstuck from our daily problems so that you're now able to have a beautiful day, a fantastic month, a magical year and a life of your dreams!

The more you hold onto negative emotions, fear, anger, frustration, hate, etc. the more you're closing off beautiful things like love, happiness, joy, abundance and relationships from coming into your life. This tool is to help you release any garbage holding you down and help you open up to opportunities, possibilities, solutions and happier state of mind.

Level 1 is based on security, strength, patience, safety, survival.
Level 2 is based on creativity, open-mindedness, sensuality, cooperation.
Level 3 is based on personal power, self-control, self-acceptance.
Level 4 is based on love, trust, forgiveness, compassion.
Level 5 is based on communication, self-belief, wisdom, creativity.
Level 6 is based on intuition, imagination, awareness, confidence, wisdom.

This is a fun way of blowing away negative thoughts that hold you down and then bring in uplifting thoughts to feel great, energized, happier and loved!

Each level is designed for different emotions that may be holding you back from true happiness. You first blast away negative thoughts and then when those are done, you then pull in (swipe) the positive messages into the power center. An act of taking in the positive messages.

It's important to read each message as it's meant to help you stay in a positive mind state. The more upbeat and positive you are the more good things start coming into your life, more people who are now attracted to the new positive you, more magical events start happening.

You're also able to select a 'positives' mode and it bypasses the destroying stage and only plays the collecting stage.

Much love, joy and happiness to you in your journey of creating the life of your dreams, from all of us at wwifl.com (What would it feel like?)

Special thanks to:

Doug of 12soundsolutions.com for allowing us to use his truly healing "Chakra Crystal Bowls Healing Music".

Toney Rahul Sharma for allowing us to use part of his video, "Spiritual Reality Power of Meditation". Knowledge is meant for sharing.

All of our wonderful healers, light workers, and miracle workers for sharing their words of wisdom to help create a more loving, joyful world!

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