Protect Friends



This is a very interesting game which everyone like it. You are a monkey who are playing with squirrels in the forest. Bad guys comes to catch little monkeys. You can throw stones at these bad guys to protect your friends. Don't let them hang up your friends.

How to play:
1. Click the screen to attack the enemy to release your friends.
2. When the enemy use pliers to hang up one of your friends, you will lose a life. You have 8 lifes, when you lose them all or when you lose all of your friends, Game Over.
3. The eneny will throw something like helmet, don't let them hit you and don't touch them. You can throw stones to destroy them.
4. You can catch bananas to get more scores.
5. Click left and right side of the monkey to make it move, to run away from the helmet or to catch the bananas.

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