Punch Fruits



★ Punch Fruits launching! ★

Getting stressed from busy, exhausting days?
Your horrible boss, annoying friends, people that you miss!
Punch their face and connect with them through SNS!

※ Punch Fruits Introduction

This is not the simple fruits punching game!
Pop various fruits and raise your striking power!
Strong punch to your friend's face with full striking power!

Deco items will be given everytime you punch your friend's face!
Fun, hilarious faces of your friends can go up on facebook!

※ Funnier with various items!

Various deco with swollen eyes, red nose, punched lips items
With gloves, you can have higher and wider range of scores!
To have better striking power! Skill items available in store!

※ Woo~ You are not strong enough for me!

All of a sudden, if there's your friend's face on your friend's facebook wall?
Photoshop? Imoticons? You don’t need them!
You can make your friends smile with punch fruits!

※ Enjoy together, FaceWar

Webpage - http://www.facewar.co.kr/punchfruits/eng
e-mail - punchfruits@advs.co.kr

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