Reckless Robot Hero: Free Game



Jetpack Robots Ready To Do Some Damage Through Time!

Robot Battles, Time Travel, and Collecting Rare Space Artifacts!

Battle an evil race of robots who jumped into your warp gate.
Shoot down bad guys with robot lasers to get back home.
Collect coins and artifacts and build your gang of robot hero's.

An exciting journey into the space cosmos collecting rare artifacts and battling evil robots.
Are you brave enough to travel in time collecting rare collectables to save your robot race?


+ Frantic Robot Battles With Super Sonic Jetpacks

+ Earn a Reputation and Acquire More Robots To Join You

+ Collect New Artifacts to Pilot Different Robots

+ Compete with Friends on GameCenter

+ Discover The Deep Cosmos of Space

+ Meet Different Species of Space Robots Along the Way

+ Continuous Updates, Everlasting Shooting Action!

+ Simple, Instant Interactive Fun!

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