In clear fresh wind gently flowing
A samurai who is still waiting for that time · · ·

Oh, What? Circle of red and blue! ?
Blue means tap left side, red means tap right side! ?
You can tap the left side of the screen, and the right to match the timing!

"Damn! Oops! Sessha,,,music is not good...!"
Samurai battle continues

[Tournament mode]
• The next against the bounty hunter to appear from the following Kizame the attack more and more stations!
I can press the opponent if you can tap well!
Because they are pressed to reverse the failure, Beware!

[Sprint mode]
• Can continuous attack anything! ?
Train yourself today against the rock ·
A bamboo basket stacking sequence attack without even one mistake!

In the "continuous attacks" app sister of "blow" app was a very popular samurai.
A bamboo basket pave the way new samurai!

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