Restaurant On Home



The Family Restaurant is gonna need your help to be successful. Learn the recipes a cook all the meals to fill every seat in the house each night. From cooking and mastering each of mamas original recipes to placing food properly on the plate for a perfect presentation every time.
Learn to cook like mama and the family restaurant will thrive again just like when mama was working. Every guest is your chance to impress, so dont let any one of them down, or the family will be let down.
The restaurant needs to succeed and you will be the one to help make it happen. With papa and his guidance, you can be a cooking star like no other.
Drag the ingredients around with your finger on the touch screen and prepare meals from scratch for all the guests.
An excellent story line with hours of entertainment for any inspiring chef to be. Hear is the cooking academy you always wanted to go to, but in this cooking academy, mama made the recipes and everyone knows they are good, so while you train, listen carefully to be the best chef you can be.

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