Introducing Ringi! A colourful game of skill and coördination guaranteed to get you hooked on it's easy to learn, hard to master strategic gameplay.

The goal is to keep the ladybug in the playing field, rotating the rings of flowers with your fingers to bounce it back. Some flowers make you speed up, some slow you down and others have different effects; choosing what flower to hit is part of the strategy!

Move the inner flower ring using your left finger, the outer ring with your right and move the left and right fingers in opposite directions (up and down) to rotate the middle ring; the further you move your finger from where you put it down, the faster the ring rotates. Just release your finger to stop the ring rotating (or move your finger back to where it was).

Either play in continuous mode, where each ring you clear makes another appear (how long can YOU play?) or play in leveled mode, where you go up a level for each three rings you clear and the ladybug bounces faster and faster.

You can play the game for hours or just for a couple of minutes whilst you wait in line.

Beautifully fun and crisp graphics make this an addictive game which everyone can enjoy, from the youngest toddler to the most jaded of gamer (not truly optimised for large tablets, yet!).

You can play this version for free for ever, but if you want to play longer or more than a couple of levels and truly test yourself, you have to buy the Ringi unlocker, which comes in two versions: ISupportRingi and ILoveRingi (both found on Google Play).

There is no difference between the two except the price. If you really love the game and/or want to support a lone bedroom developer, please get ILoveRingi!

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