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The Robot RC app is the further development of the ZMQ Video Chat app ( ). It serves as a showcase application to demonstrate the use of ØMQ to control robots and display their video stream remotely. In order to use this application, two android devices are needed. The devices can be connected P2P or with the use of the robot server ( ). The first device will connect to the robot, send out video frames and receive remote controls. The second device will receive video frames to display them on the screen and provide a user interface to drive the robot.

The app provides two components:

1. ØMQ remote control features for robots. It connects to the robot and listens to incoming remote control commands over ØMQ. In return, the video stream received from the robot is sent over ØMQ.

2. User interface to remote control a robot over ØMQ. Controls are sent over ØMQ to the robot server and the video stream is received and displayed on the screen.

As of now, the following robots are available: Romo, Brookstone AC13, Brookstone Rover 2.0, I-Spy Tank. More robots will be added later on.

The application is completely open-source. The source code as well as a description of how to use the app and run the robot server can be found at Feel free to contribute and add your own robots to the list or let us know which ones you want to see added!

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