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Rock Star You Decide is a choose your own adventure game, where you get to make the decision that will see your band become famous or never even make the charts. It’s a funny story follows your band through all the ridiculous scrapes that happen along the way to becoming a superstars.

Each chapter of the band’s career presents new and exciting challenges: getting your drummer off the booze long enough to play a gig, stopping your drummer from burning the stage down and coping with the fabulous wealth and screaming fans when you eventually become famous.


Chapter One - A drunken night out with your friends leads to you forming a band
Chapter Two - The band have learned a few chords and now playing gigs for beer money
Chapter Three - You go out and tour and get your first taste of life on the road and record companies start to get interested in you
Chapter Four - Tough decisions are needed when the record label want to interfere with the band’s debut album
Chapter Five - Your fame starts to spread and have to get used to being a celebrity
Chapter Six - The band’s second album makes them internationally famous but which of the eight endings will you choose?


This is the free edition of Rock Star You Decide. It includes the first three chapters of the story. It is ad supported. You can download the PREMIUM version of this app which contains all 6 chapters, including the final chapter which has eight possible endings and is ad-free.


Spinal Tap, Flight of the Conchords, heavy metal bands, big hair, spandex jumpsuits, huge guitar riffs, sex, drugs and (obviously) rock and roll.

However,you may not like thisapp if you’re into bands like U2, Coldplay, Nickelback and Iron Maiden. It’s not that these bands aren’t good, but it does sort of make fun of big stadium rock bands. Don’t say you’ve not been warned.


These are choose your own adventure games which don't take themselves too seriously. While the low tech style is hardly going to blow your mind, the the funny story lines will keep you entertained. They're written by James Winterbottom, author of the novel Someone Else's Dream.


The name Rock Star You Decide has nothing to do with the company who make the Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne games or the company that make energy drinks of the same name.


This game is rated as mature - it contains needless swearing, dubious morality and descriptions of the kind of disgusting behaviour that surely you’d expect from a superstar rock band. Don’t download it if you’re the type to be easily offended.

Twitter: @youdecidegames


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Comments and ratings for Rock Star - You Decide FREE
  • (51 stars)

    by Lauren Woodley on 08/06/2014

    Just like with all the other apps by this creator. Only ever one correct choice, it's impossible to enjoy

  • (51 stars)

    by Sara Stacy on 03/06/2014

    Nickelback Rick r star Sara Stacy Carla Nickelback be a rockstar u2 invisible u2 invisible fly you to invisible you to invisible play now

  • (51 stars)

    by M Joshi on 11/03/2014


  • (51 stars)

    by Hannah Londergan on 06/01/2014

    Theres only 1 answer right when you have to choose!

  • (51 stars)

    by RPG Finest on 04/01/2014

    it's a fun day great way to kill time while you're sitting out in public you could play this game for hours without getting bored and just keep on replay it you should free full versions of different text adventure games I I encourage you to continue doing these and making more of these texts venture games

  • (51 stars)

    by Nunya Bidness on 16/12/2013

    Almost EVERY scenario has only 1 "correct" answer, so 90% of the story is completely linear- the OPPOSITE of choice games. Plus, the options available are often COMPLETELY asinine: a dodgy guy wants to manage you, if you say no, you automatically fail, bc, apparently, you're illiterate, can't do basic math, & haven't heard of spell check. I appreciate that the game is free, but just bc it's free d

  • (51 stars)

    by Sam Young on 07/11/2013

    The diction is just atrocious, there are way too little choices, if you don't choose the choice that they want, it ends; there a few grammar mistakes, I hate how you have to be the vocalist instead of choosing, you're assumed to be a drunk violent dumbass, and the band name/dialogue/plot is pathetic. It's not even interactive, it's just "pick the right choice". What a joke. This is the worst thing

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