Rolls of Thunder



A cutting edge blend of high-end fabric simulation and nail-biting races against the clock, Rolls of Thunder brings the world of electronic toilet paper simulation to dizzying new heights. Eschewing such tawdry devices as "2D" and "sanity", Rolls of Thunder leverages an advanced soft-body fabric simulation framework to bring you three-ply triple-quilted gameplay the likes of which has never caused anyone to throw their phone at the cat in frustration* before!

Flex your gaming finger - nay, your whole Game Fist - and bring it to bear and speed to victory with Rolls of Thunder!

* does not condone throwing your phone or other device at the cat. Cats are noble and gracious creatures, deserving of our respect and love. GameFist.Net, it's employees, agents, attachments and colleagues support animal rights - and human dignity

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