RoverBall3D Racing Dodgeball



RoverBall3D is a 3D racing game where fast paced levels meet physics based dodge-ball.

Within the arena you must collect 50 coins to complete each level. Just avoid getting hit by the RoverBalls!
Play for personal high-scores or challenge friends on the global or Facebook Leader-Board.

Scores are based on your speed, health remaining and items collected.
Earn GravityShift Power-ups while playing.
RoverBall3D is a fast fun dynamic racing game geared for tablets and mobile devices with tilt, touch, and forced feedback.

Try RoverBall3D Today. Fun for all.

- Avoid feeling the crush of roverballs and race to collect the coins.
- Compete with friends for high-score bragging rights.
- Quick levels take an average of 2 minutes to play.
- Great for waiting for the bus, cab ride or class to start.
- Compare you score on the Global Leader-board.
- 3D First Person Action
- Dynamic opponents.
- Touch control and Tilt to steer controls.
- Perfect for Tablets and Mobile phones.
- A cool new game for 2013.
- Beat the clock, stay healthy and score big!
- Race for the coins.

In-app purchases optional.

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