RPS Lizard Spock


RPS Lizard Spock's review

by Peter Warrior

RPS Lizard Spock is the famous The Big Bang Theory's revision of RPS game.

  • Interface
  • Original
  • Different game modes
  • Online multiplayer mode should run over a server (non-specific IP)
  • Boring after a while

"Big Bang's revision"

Rock, Paper, Scissors... Simple, easy, straightfoward. However, sometimes making games more complex means making them much more funny too. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory TV Show taught us a revamped version of RPS.

RPS Lizard Spock takes the rules described in The Big Bang Theory and makes the game mobile.

You can play RPS Lizard Spock against CPU, 2 players hot-seat (vs within the same device), multiplayer via Bluetooth and online (host/join games). The rules are simple: you select one of the five options you are given and wait for you opponent's choice. If your option wins, then you score one point. The best of 3, 5 rounds (or unlimiteD) wins.

A "bazinga!" sound is played when players makes a "perfect".

The rules of this revision of RPS are explained below:

-Lizard eats paper

-Lizard poisons Spock

-Spock vaporizes rock

-Spock smashes scissors

-Scissors decapitate lizard

-Scissors cut paper

-Paper disproves Spock

-Paper covers rock

-Rock crushes scissors

-Rock crushes lizard

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