Sandwich Game(Hasami-Shogi)



"Hasami-Shogi" is a familiar board game in Japan.
"Shogi" game itself requires deep-thinking more over Chess,
on the other hand, "Hasami-Shogi" is playing
among children using Shogi pieces and board.
("Hasami" is a form of Japanese verb "Hasamu"
that means "sandwich" used as like as
who sandwiches anything between two something.)

This app is not a robot but for match with your friends.
If there are two devices, you can match through wireless(Bluetooth or IP).
(You can enjoy "Chat" with your partner.)
You can select board and pieces from "Shogi"(9x9) and "Chess"(8x8).
Message is by English,
you will be soon accustomed also to Japanese gliph on Shogi pieces.
Games's objective is to capture opponent's pieces
until gameover count.
Pieces are captured when you sandwiched opponent's piece
vertically and/or horizontally,
or hold opponent's pieces at corner or border.
See "Help" for how to move and how to capture.
Entry of Bishop and/or Knight are not usual,
but optional in this variant.

.Bluetooth connection.
It reaches about 10m.
.IP connection.
Connect on private LAN with known IP address.
Or connect by WiFi Direct it reaches about a few 10 meters,
it is available from android 4.
For device with NFC attachment, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct connection
starts by closing the part of NFC tag in the range of 10 cm.
(Note)Support of mixed use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct depends device type.
It may cause too slow response or disturb telephone function.

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