Scare your friends - Halloween



Scare your friends is the game which allows you to make a horrifying joke to your friends.

This is the halloween themed version!

There's no other application on the market that permits you to make better jokes than this one.
While your friend is focused in searching the differences between the two pictures proposed, an horrifying figure will suddenly appear on the screen, the phone will start vibrating and an incredibly loud scream will be reproduced by the device.
Your friend, not expecting something like that and being totally focused on the differences' research will get very scared.

Are you ready to say "Trick or treat"?
You'll kill yourself laughing!

Tested on: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7, SGS2, SGS3, SGSIII, Galaxy 3, HTC One S, HTC One X, Nexus S, Desire HD, Panasonic Eluga, Desire S, Optimus 3D, Motorola Razr, Asus Transformer Prime, Sony Xperia S, U, P, Motorola Xoom, Xoom 2, and various TEGRA 3 and Quad Core devices..

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