The cats got out of the house! Get the cats into the house before the timer runs out.

sCatter is a fun cat herding game. Touch the screen next to the cats to push them. There are 36 levels with different kinds of obstacles and traps. This game uses the box2d physics engine. Touching closer to a cat will push it harder, as will holding your finger down on the screen.

There is an online leaderboard through Scoreloop, with real-time in-game ranking updates. Watch your global rank improve as you increase your score.


* 36 levels from easy to somewhat challenging, more to come
* box2d physics for realistic movement
* Online high score leaderboards using ScoreLoop
* Live in-game rankings. Your rank updates in real-time as you improve your score


All the permissions are required by the services I'm using - online leaderboards, online crash reports, and ads


* libgdx (including box2d)
* ScoreLoop
* ACRA for crash reporting
* My wife, who drew the cat :)

Tags: scatter , scatter & drippy , drippy & scatter , libgdx box2d , scatter and drippy , dispersion del gato

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