Scramble Words With ZomBee



A scramble word game. A scary Halloween challenge with ZomBee and his scrambled words. ZomBee and his scrambled brain have no problem reading the words, but can you?

Over 400 Halloween words to challenge your unscrambled brain. From three letter words to words with more than ten letters, there are enough brain twisters to keep you awake into the wee hours of the Halloween night.

Walk through the graveyard touching the tombstones to make out the words. Need help? There’s always Skull there when you need him. Rattle his jaw and he’ll give you a hint. Are you ready for a new word? Put your hand in the bee hive and see what a scrambled mess you get.

Check your score and if you dare you can have Pumpkin toss another bone on your pile. Each bone means one more letter in the words you get to unscramble. Are you ready to try to get a better score? There’s a tombstone you can touch to let you do that too.

Challenge your friends to beat your score or play against yourself. Can you do better the second time around? Easy or hard, it’s all fun and challenging.

ZomBee is a great way to test and improve your vocabulary. There are hours of fun unscrambling Halloween words in this creepy app.

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Designed and developed by Kenneth Pestka
Music by Zelaerijn Music
ZomBee voice by Kenneth Pestka
SpellerBee is a registered Trademark of Kenneth Pestka
ZomBee is a Trademark of Kenneth Pestka
Patent Pending
Copyright 2012 all rights reserved

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