★ ★ ★ Do you know what is the best link game ? Have you seen SEAFLOOR LINK casual games ?
    Tips: ★ ★ ★You needs to read the last saved data, due to start in the second game, if not start, and then try to restart.
    The easy puzzle casual, classic elimination game hit again. SEAFLOOR LINK above most Meng Android games. Come and experience it! Mouse click on the same two two pictures, if the connection is two pictures straight
    Over three and not encounter other pictures, you eliminate the picture, all the pictures elimination End cross the border, there is a time limit!
    ★ ★ ★ Features: ★ ★ ★
    ★ Classic mode: ★
    1.SEAFLOOR LINK casual game retains the original play, the level mode, in your efforts to get through each level and the full-star rating. Random Variety map, the new Funny obstacles and a special gift Fig.
    Your record permanently retained, and can show to your friends in the rankings, one to compete with and a friend, who is the most powerful eliminated master.
    3.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games in different game modes, you will find not the same gameplay, fall, rise, the left, the right, and growth, so the game more interesting.
    4.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games more difficulty props hinder you, and timely solutions to the obstacles, clearing the road to victory.
    5.SEAFLOOR LINK casual game up hundreds of checkpoints, allowing you to put it down, and addicted.
    6.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games very classic race against time, the unlimited three modes let you free to play.
    Brilliant props animation 7.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games, with the casual music childlike, unable to stop.
    8.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games, racing against time mode: props, gifts, obstacles, mobile, and the time of this athletic, destined less ordinary warriors rushed it!
    ★ abyss mode: ★
    1.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games before fruit covered the entire area, and try to eliminate more fruits to get higher scores.
    2.SEAFLOOR LINK casual games you can persist long?
    ★ Endless Mode: ★
    The entire screen, 1.SEAFLOOR LINK casual game filled with fruit, next to each other, eliminating one pair, drop a pair to a permanent challenge, look at a limited time, you can get the world record oh
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