Shuriken Attack



Shuriken Attack got a new update more missions, new shop screen design, new particle special attacks for shurikens.

Shuriken Attack it's a tower defense style game, since the action is more intense with smaller time between levels.

The ninja village has been attacked by stupid creatures.

Not let any freaking creature cheat you.

The brainless creature thinks they can trick a expert ninja like you, attack every creature that you see in your path.

The misterious ninja don't like sword, kunai, katana, slingshot, wooden sword, tessen, wakizashi, ninjato. The only thing he likes is the magic shuriken that he have.

The ninja love your magical shurikens, embedded with the power of fire, ice, wind and earth.

Ninjas don't like to fail on their missions, when a ninja receive a mission, he execute the mission, in your case, your mission is safeguard the village from creatures attack.

Simple gameplay, just touch the screen to release a shuriken that will fly throught the direction that you click and will attack the enemy.

Like a good ninja, protect your village against creatures using your shurikens.

Don't let the creatures pass by you, attack all of them using all your shurikens, but watch out your shurikens stock, don't run out of them.

A massive wave of creatures is coming to your village, stop them at all costs.

Your shuriken stock is not unlimited, don't throw away your only hope to survive.

You will only get one star if you don't choose the right equipment based in your enemy. Can you get all three stars in all missions.

Use the nature powers like the lava shuriken (powered by fire element) to make each shuriken create a incredible effect in enemies.

Our hero ninja don't want revenge, he just want to protect villagers in his home city.

Don't make the ninja angry or face the consequences, slashs will come from all sides.

You can't use the same shuriken attack to finish all the missions, change armament when creatures are more strong.

Enable new shurikens by receiving stars in each mission.

Shuriken Attack Features

- Many difficult missions
- Different enemies
- Boss fight
- Cool special particle effects
- Different shuriken equipments to destroy enemies

Shuriken Attack uses the cocos2d-x framework, a great 2D game framework that is free and is an open source game engine ( you can change it and distribute for anyone ) .

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