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Smiley Pops is a bubble blaster-like game with an original gameplay that even uses the accelerometer

  • Cool graphics
  • Challenging puzzle game
  • Different game modes
  • Tutorial included
  • Too many permissions: Why does it need GPS?
  • It uses too many resources: drains battery

"Swap and shake to pop balls and rocks"

How does it work? You have to swap three adjacent smileys which form a triangle to get three in a row, column or diagonal. You get a "Combo" when you pop lots of smileys at once, or a "Chain" when smileys pop in cascade. You can also pop rocks. But take in account that you can't swap the rocks with the smileys. The rocks only will pop when they reach the screen bottom. You receive points for each popped smiley or rock (combos and chains give you extra points). You can also shake your phone to pop rocks and some smileys to clear the screen when you're stuck.

There are three game modes: "classic mode" in which you advance through levels at your rhythm; "time attack" in which you have to clear the screen before the progress bar decreases till the end and the "Freestyle mode", which is the unlimited levels mode. The bar increases as you score points and you level up when the bar is full filled.

You can enable/disable music on settings and set the sensitive for swapping. What's more, you can submit your scores and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

Smiley Pops has been developed by Boolba Labs, LLC (now, a settled mobile game developer who's reaching great success over different platforms.

Smiley Pops is a challenging and fun puzzle game. A perfect timewaster that will shorten your train journeys. Give it a go!.

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