Soldier vs Terrorist



Ⅰ.Brief Introduction:
Soldier vs Terrorist is a brand new casual puzzle game based on physical design, which can be compared favourably with Angry Birds. Even as far as have made much creative designs in themes and game operations to improve the interestingness in comparation to it. There are totally 84 level stages full with funs, high playability, light rhythm, bright style, and also convinient to operate. It’s easy for players to learn how to play in the game by guiding players with beautiful pictures. Players will act as a soldier with artillery to bomb the enemies, besides the soldier can use other ways to fight such as request for air support by throwing out the smoke bomb.Not only the lifelike battle scenes with the explode of smoke bomb and bombings from fighter planes in the game screen , but also the varity level stages have made it to be a funny game.

Ⅱ.Appraisement from professional gamers:
Playability: flexible to operate, appropriate settings for actions and skills, impeccable special effects and fluency, and also outstanding blow feeling.
Contents: a game with hot theme, coordinated screen, magnificent effects, coherent plots and strong blow feeling.
Guidance: comprehensive guaidace, easy for fresh players to play.
Subject: a popular Real-time strategy casual puzzle game, there is a good combination with world outlook and plots , and good attraction.
UI: unify style of menus, beautiful game scene, meticulous head portrait, fluent fight actions, strong representation of skill effects and good comprehensive experience.

Ⅲ.Media comments:
Professional Game Platform: This is a game with high fluence and operation feeling, and playability. Its interesting level stages, high coherent plots, unify painting style, expressive face of hero, and magnificent effects make it to be another classical casual game following the Angry Birds. The similar games are ranking top 10 in the AppStore, there must be a good market presence!

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